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Briefed is the brainchild of barrister and legal technologist, Orlagh Kelly. 

For more than five years we have been specialising in data protection compliance, providing organisations throughout the UK and Ireland with the framework they need to ensure their company is data protection compliant.



Orlagh Kelly, CEO

Orlagh’s data protection expertise led to the creation of Briefed’s unique portfolio of specialised GDPR services


Barney McGahan, CBE

Leads on All Briefed GDPR Compliance Projects & A Fellow of the Association Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)


Caroline Boyle, LLB

Legal Consultant. Caroline delivers
GDPR training and consultancy in
multiple sectors

“More than six hundred businesses have benefitted from the experience and knowledge of the Briefed team. We understand the complexities of data protection legislation, we can explain the mysteries of technological risks and we appreciate the pressure and demands on businesses in today’s economy.  Our unique and combined perspectives mean we are ideally suited to help any business
with their data protection and information security responsibilities.”

— Orlagh Kelly, CEO of BRIEFED


Our services and expertise:

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