GDPR Compliance and Certification Bundle for Barristers 2019

GDPR Compliance and Certification Bundle for Barristers 2019


Trusted by more than 2000 UK barristers in 2018 to meet their GDPR obligations, the Briefed GDPR Compliance and Certification Bundle provides barristers with all the tools needed to ensure a high level of GDPR compliance within their practice and to achieve an independent certification in GDPR - The Briefed GDPR Quality Mark.

The Briefed GDPR Quality Mark can be achieved by barristers who actively demonstrate an advanced understanding and implementation of GDPR within their own practice.

Barristers who display this certification have achieved a high level of competence in a specialist GDPR exam and meet 10 other core GDPR requirements which protect the integrity and safety of their client information, and demonstrate an ongoing dedication to GDPR compliance.

Briefed is the only GDPR certification for barristers world-wide.

Included are 4 key elements:

  • A Barrister-Specific training module,

  • A Self-Led GDPR Annual Audit for a barrister practice,

  • Barrister-Specific GDPR Documentation templates, and

  • The Quality Mark Certification application.

Successful completion of this Bundle means barristers can be safe in the knowledge that they are up to date with GDPR best practice.  

All GDPR training, assessment and compliance tools required to achieve the Briefed Quality Mark are included in this Bundle.

Alex Glassbrook, Barrister, Temple Garden Chambers

“Briefed’s online GDPR compliance course is rare in its clarity.  It is thoughtfully designed, combining both excellent instruction through friendly, bite-sized lessons and helpful template documents – and all in a reassuringly practical way.  Even if you approach the GDPR with trepidation, Briefed will help you to come away confidently.” 

Estimated Time to Complete 3 Hours

3CPD Points

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Any data breach can lead to investigation by the Information Commissioner's Office, complaints to the Bar Standards Board, fines of up to £17 million and catastrophic damage to a professional reputation. If a barrister has a simple data breach such as leaving a brief on a train or sending an email to the wrong person, both the barrister and their Chambers will find themselves battling to save their business, their professional reputation and their brand. So what can chambers and barristers do to avoid that risk?

Training | Risk Assessment | Documentation | Quality Mark

There is no single way to become GDPR compliant. To protect their practice and meet regulatory requirements a barrister needs to combine training with appropriately executed policies, as well as regularly monitoring potential risk areas in their practice. However, by using a number of different tools, GDPR compliance can be significantly increased.

The Briefed GDPR Compliance Bundle gives barristers all the tools they need. Bringing together the four key elements of compliance our comprehensive bundle of tools is designed to enable barristers to quickly and significantly increase their ability to manage data protection compliance in their practice, helping to avoid data breaches. Successful barristers are awarded the Briefed Data Protection Quality Mark which they can use to demonstrate data protection compliance to clients, in tender processes and in marketing material.


With custom-designed training barristers will learn their specific responsibilities under the legislation, the potential consequences of a data breach for them, how to protect the information they hold and what to do if something goes wrong. The course is completed online, which allows the barrister the freedom to undertake it at their convenience. Completed by barristers in almost 200 chambers to date and allocated 3 CPD Points.

Risk Assessment

Using our comprehensive tools, each barrister can work through a risk assessment of their own practice and identify any areas where they may need to make changes to how they work to ensure they are meeting all their regulatory obligations. This is a self-led exercise, giving each barrister the freedom to work at their own pace, focusing solely on their own practice.


Each barrister must have a number of key data protection policies for their practice as part of their GDPR compliance. In the event of a data breach, the Information Commissioner's Office will ask to see these policies. The way barristers work is unique and therefore most template policies do not meet the requirements of a barrister. We provide a number of templates designed especially for a self-employed barrister, with guidance as to how to amend them to suit their own needs.

Quality Mark

Being compliant with data protection law is mandatory, but there are opportunities to also use it to your advantage. Government bodies, banks, insurance companies and many other clients expect barristers to take a high level of care with their information. By completing this online certification a barrister can achieve the Briefed Quality Mark in GDPR. Successful candidates will be presented with a certificate for display and to proffer as evidence of GDPR compliance in tenders and to clients, as well as use of the quality mark symbol for use on all marketing material.