Does Brexit mean Brexit?

“Since the Britain voted to leave the EU in June 2016, I have continuously been asked this one question - Can we ignore the GDPR because of Brexit?

The simple answer is NO.

What most people do not know is that GDPR legislation is already in force in the UK. We are currently in a two year grace period until 25 May 2018, at which point GDPR will be enforced in the UK. On this date we will still be a member of the European Union and we will need to abide by EU law. 

Additionally, any business selling goods or services into Europe or monitoring the behaviour of EU citizens needs to be compliant with GDPR, regardless of their global location. This includes organisations as far afield as the USA or Australia, or most importantly for you and I, organisations in the UK.

If you have been ignoring the GDPR under the belief that it would disappear due to Brexit then think again. You need to consider your data protection obligations under GDPR and you need to consider them now. 

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