DPO Masterclass Feedback


“Content very relevant…Learned a lot and am more knowledgeable. Started today as knowing very little, but a lot of points more clear now.”
– Angela Montgomery, Balcas Timber Ltd.

“Very knowledgeable speakers, free flowing conversations”
– Ronan Monaghan, Balcas Timber Ltd.

Waterways Ireland

“Flow was good and pitched at the right level. Very helpful in reinforcing the message.”

– Rosin MacRory, Waterways Ireland.

U Form

“The information was helpful and raised my awareness in areas where my understanding was lower…Thank you for the workshop – I found it extremely beneficial”

– Patrick Farren, UForm


“Engaging and informative. Answered a lot of questions and cleared up some grey areas…This is the second GDPR course I have attended. It has been great as usual and I have plenty to work on.”
– Paul Gildea, Toals Bookmakers

“Very informative and the group sessions really help gain a better understanding.”
– Nichola Hamilton, Toals Bookmakers


“Relaxed approach - and the level of knowledge was excellent”.

– Michael Murtagh, Novosco


What did you like about the class?

“The engagement – person to person and speakers to attendees. This made what could have been a ‘heavy’ day anything but. Bravo!...Excellent presentation. A lot of common themes from an eclectic mix of attendees. Very helpful.”

– Aidan Donnelly, Murlands Solicitors


“Lots of practical info and sharing of actual experience”.

– Andrea Febbraro, Mollitium Capital

Hool Law

“Interactive, informative, well structured”.

– Harrison Hall, Hool Law

Mclaughlin & Harvey

“Lively and engaging – I feel that I have learned a number of things today”.

– Stuart Stark, McLaughlin & Harvey


“Small number of participants made for lively and interesting discussions…Excellent day – well worth it”.
– Anne Gilroy, Tayto Group Ltd

“Open discussion amongst all was very valuable and also insightful”.
– Chris Milligan, Tayto Group Ltd


“Practical and business focused and very helpful. Speakers very engaging with attendees”.

–Ben Loughran, Aperture

JW Kane

“Topics were all very relevant”.

– Samantha Callaghan, JW Kane Precision Engineering

Henderson Group

“Clear, concise delivery of information.”
– Luke Bradley, Henderson Foodservice

“ Very intuitive and informative”.
– Brian Luney, Henderson Group


Marketing Masterclass Feedback

Morgan McManus.jpg

“Seminar did what was stated on the tin! Excellent. I’ve now grown from a purist in to a pragmatist!”

– Brian Morgan, Morgan McManus


“Very useful!”

– Sarah Drysdale, Dessian


“I found the workshop extremely useful with very informative speakers who were confident in answering a myriad of different questions from varied industries. Legitimate interest and consent are a lot clearer and I feel confident in advising employees going forward”.
–Catherine McKernan, Galgorm Resort & Spa

“Very practical and beneficial course. Would recommend for anyone who deals with GDPR in marketing.”
– Victoria Brown, Galgorm Resort & Spa


“Very informative and beneficial. Thank you.”

– Áine Fitzsimmons, EOS

Kelly PR

“Very practical and useful.”

– Teri Kelly, Kelly PR


“Really good – feel a lot better in the advice I’m giving/what I’ve done to date.
Scope for further marketing also, now I’m clear on certain rules”.

– Jude Stewart, BDO NI

AKU Training

“Brilliant! Very insightful and everyone who handles data for marketing should attend this course”.

– Kate McKay, AKU Training Ltd

Clanmil Housing Group

“Like the pragmatic approach.
Made GDPR compliance less frightening”.

– Christine Ashfield, Clanmil Housing Association 

Belfast Met

“Very informative, covering all of the relevant topics we were curious about”.

– Eoin Jennings, Belfast Met

Macklin Group

“Very informative, I feel a lot more clued up than before and comfortable to move forward with our email marketing and privacy policy”.

– Catherine Rooney, Macklin Group


“Essential, timely, concise. Spot on!”.

– Allen Erskine, Strategem Ireland

Electric Ireland

“Very informative and useful to arm me with GDPR guidance”.

– Una Lavery, Electric Ireland



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