At Briefed we recognise the interdependency of US and EU economies and the necessity of transferring personal data to do business.

The introduction of GDPR has caught the attention and imagination of boardrooms across the US with forward thinking management investing in GDPR compliance.  Business does not thrive with uncertainty and expert advice is required to guide you on the most expedient and compliant way of sharing data across our legal borders.  Working with our US clients, we assess the next steps they need to take to demonstrate to their EU partners that they are GDPR compliant. With the introduction of the Californian Privacy Act which becomes enforceable in January 2020, EU business need to take stock of their data protection strategy in the world’s 6th largest economy. Our expertise and tailored advice goes hand in hand with our commercial understanding of the EU and US market places. Its business as usual, we re here to tell you how.


GDPR Compliance – Bringing a Competitive Advantage to Banyan Hills Technologies

Founded in Atlanta, Georgia, Banyan Hills Technologies is a software house providing ‘Internet of Things’ solutions for businesses. Banyan Hills delivers smart transformative outcomes for businesses, providing connectivity and real time analysis across large networks.

Jonpaul Leskie, PH.D. COO


The Challenge 

The team at Banyan Hill’s wanted to reassure EU clients who, following GDPR, felt nervous about transferring personal data to the US. At the risk of losing valuable business, Banyan Hills needed to demonstrate GDPR compliance and reassure current and future EU clients they could continue to work with Banyan Hills as a US business.


The Solution

  • A comprehensive GDPR Gap Analysis was completed identifying  key risk areas and advising on suitable GDPR solutions;

  • A robust GDPR compliance framework was implemented 


The Winning Outcome

‘The EU GDPR had been on our radar for sometime however we found it difficult to truly understand how this affected us as a US company and what we needed to do at a practical level to meet our new GDPR obligations. Working with Orlagh and Caroline and the team at Briefed however turned what we had anticipated would be a difficult and time-consuming project, into a productive, thought provoking and even enjoyable experience! At all times the team from Briefed were solution - focused, pragmatic and tuned in to what we do at Banyan Hills. I can honestly say Briefed have taken the hard work out of GDPR and continue to offer us valued support when we need it. Without Briefed I feel we would have wasted considerable time, money and energy trying to navigate GDPR ourselves. I highly recommend Orlagh and her team to my colleagues and associates in the US and further afield.


Our services and expertise:

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