The regulator’s expectation is that 100% of staff across all business types will have a high awareness of GDPR legislation and that staff will complete GDPR training regularly.

The fastest and most convenient way for businesses to ensure that they are GDPR compliant is to offer Briefed online training to all staff.

We provide certification to those who successfully complete our online training as a means to demonstrate that staff across your business have received adequate training.

Do you know the consequences of failing to be GDPR compliant?

•   The legislator Issues a press release naming (and shaming) companies who have a breach of GDPR legislation

•   Employees can be prosecuted personally in the criminal court

•   The fine for sending an email to the wrong person has been as high as £120,000

•   The fine for a serious breach of data protection can be up to £17 million or 4% of your business’s turnover

Can you risk losing clients?

Would a large fine force you to make redundancies or close your business? 


Benefits of online training with Briefed

  • Comprehensive GDPR training designed by barristers

  • Convenient - train wherever and whenever it suits you, log in and log out as required

  • The fastest and least disruptive way to ensure that all staff in your business receive good quality training in GDPR

  • Certificate awarded to every trainee who completes the training

  • Concise information illustrated with practical, easy-to-understand examples

  • No legalese - suitable for staff across all departments


What format does the training take?

All of our online training is self-led. Trainees can begin a training course at any time and complete it in one sitting, or dip in and out at their own convenience.

Based on feedback from past participants, we provide all training through text and images. There are no video or audio elements, meaning you can complete it on any of your devices, anytime, anywhere.

We have designed our courses to require a short time commitment but to be absolutely comprehensive. We pride ourselves on offering concise, clear information, with absolutely no legalese. Throughout the training we offer practical, easily understood examples to illustrate GDPR in action and the consequences of breaching the legislation.

At the end of the training students complete a multiple-choice test. All those who successfully complete the training and short test receive a certificate of completion. 

What levels of training does Briefed offer?

We provide two levels of training.

Our Fundamentals course is our entry-level course, which is designed to provide basic awareness of GDPR and ensure that you meet the mandatory training requirements expected by the regulator.

Time commitment: less than 45 minutes

Our Advanced course provides a deeper level of understanding of GDPR legislation. It is particularly relevant to those who manage large amounts of data and/or who would be significantly impacted by a publicised breech of data or a fine of £17m/4% of turnover.

Time commitment: less than 90 minutes



What do past participants say about the course?

Briefed has trained over 4,000 people to be GDPR compliant.

95%-97% of people who have completed our online training report that they would recommend it to a friend.

 Here’s what some of them said about their experience of Briefed online training:

“It was straight to the point, clear, concise and very informative”

“The practical, everyday examples of past cases provided a great way to understand the basic principles of data protection legislation and the consequences of misconduct”

“I liked that I could work at my own pace. Being able to log out and back in again when I wanted to refer to documents was very useful”

“The layout was excellent. It was very well structured, with clearly defined sections and bullet points throughout”