Marketing under GDPR

In May 2018 companies all over the UK desecrated their marketing lists. And they didn’t need to. 
Marketing and GDPR can be friends if you know how to play by the rules.

• Save your hard-won marketing database

• Grow your business without risk 

• Have confidence in your marketing campaign and strategy


No matter which organisation we speak with, GDPR has presented as a challenge to the marketing department.
You may well be feeling nervous about ever trying to market your business again.

Consent? Opt-in? Opt out? What is it all about? 

We know exactly how to market far and wide, whilst still complying with GDPR. We know how GDPR and other legislation can impact your marketing strategy. We will work with you to ensure your marketing program is GDPR compliant so you can market your business safely.


Marketing under GDPR Masterclass

We have spent so much time advising clients about marketing under GDPR we now teach a class about it. Are you interested in receiving proper training on how to market under GDPR?

Join us for our GDPR and Marketing Masterclass to find out exactly what the rules are and how to use them to your advantage.

• Have confidence in your marketing campaign and strategy

• Fully understand how GDPR and marketing work together

• Receive a blueprint to fully inform future marketing activities


Topics covered:

• How to market securely under GDPR

• The legislation that governs marketing - GDPR, PECR and the ePrivacy rules

• GDPR and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

• Email marketing – the do’s and don’ts

• Direct mail & cold calling



Our services and expertise:

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