orlagh kelly, BARRISTER

Our Founder, Orlagh Kelly Is Fast Becoming The Go-To Person For All Things GDPR In The UK.

A much sought after public speaker on the subject, talented trainer and workshop leader, Orlagh’s unique ability to interpret how GDPR legislation impacts on an individual organisation has earned her the title of GDPR Guru, discussing and informing readers on the impending GDPR legislation each fortnight within her SYNC NI column. 

Called to the Bar in 2003, Orlagh ran her own legal practice for more than 12 years, representing clients in almost two thousand court cases, before starting a legal technology company and developing the first mobile practice management platform for barristers, Briefed, as featured in the Apple iTunes store and Forbes magazine.

Building on her legal and technological expertise, Orlagh created a series of Masterclasses in GDPR, delivering these in person and online throughout the U.K. and Ireland. Market demand for Orlagh’s data protection expertise led to the creation of Briefed’s unique portfolio of specialised GDPR training products and services.





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