Could your business survive the consequences of a data breach?

Get Invited is a global ticketing platform, with significant email marketing activity as well as an international customer-base. Concerns over GDPR led them to contact Briefed for assistance. Watch the video to hear how they got on!

Briefed offers a unique combination of legal and technical knowledge with business experience to help businesses fulfil their GDPR and Data Protection obligations through:





Our highly skilled team actively seek the best solutions to your data compliance obligations working with your staff, processes and technology to ensure a smooth and cost effective journey to GDPR compliance. 

Created by barristers, the aim of the Briefed portfolio of training and compliance products and services is to ensure that every individual within your organisation understands how the new legislation impacts on their daily role and the actions they need to take in order to help your organisation remain compliant.

At Briefed, we are experienced in GDPR case law, with an in-depth knowledge of how the Information Commissioner’s Office conducts investigations. Not only do we understand GDPR from a legal perspective but we understand how it should be interpreted and practically applied to your specific business. We can advise and guide you through all aspects of your compliance journey, affording your organisation complete confidence and security.