Online GDPR Gap Analysis

Online GDPR Gap Analysis


Designed by barristers this online GDPR gap analysis is a cost-effective GDPR solution for small or low risk businesses, which enables you to start your GDPR compliance journey immediately.

Reaching past the hype and drilling into what the legislation actually requires from you, you can stop trying to sort through conflicting guidance trying to figure out what to do. This assessment will take you step by step the key requirements of the GDPR legislation, identify where you are failing to comply and making solid actionable recommendations that you can easily implement within your organisation.

Your will receive a custom-drafted report from a member of our team, who will then consult with you to make sure all your queries are answered.

You get the speed and efficiency of an online product with bespoke advice from a real lawyer.


Best for:


Start-ups or new businesses.

Micro-businesses or businesses who handle little personal information.

Organisations seeking fast, real advice on how to comply with GDPR legislation.




A guided online GDPR Gap Analysis Assessment for your business or organisation.

A GDPR report containing key compliance recommendations for your business delivered to you within 7 days.

A complimentary licence to our Silver GDPR online training package.

A one-hour post-report consultation to discuss the findings in your report and help you answer any queries or concerns.


We will cover

  1. The consequences of a data breach for your business
  2. Your roles and liabilities under the legislation.
  3. Transparency requirements 
  4. Accountability obligations
  5. Processing of information fairly and lawfully including using consent.
  6. Marketing practices
  7. Meeting the requirements of the 6 GDPR principles including purpose limitation, minimisation and accuracy of data
  8. Data security and risks
  9. Data retention obligations
  10. Data protection officer role
  11. Demonstrating ongoing compliance with the legislation.
  12. Data protection impact assessments
  13. Third party data sharing
  14. International transfers of data
  15. Subject access requests
  16. Managing data breaches and reporting to the Information Commissioner’s Office
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Complete a GDPR gap analysis online, have our team review your information and make recommendations in relation to what your business needs to do to comply with GDPR in time for the May 2018 deadline.

A cost effective GDPR solution for small or low risk businesses get started on your GDPR compliance journey immediately, with advice and recommendations on how you can comply customised for you and provided by legal professionals.

During your online gap analysis should you wish to upgrade to a silver or gold gap analysis we would be happy to facilitate this process.

Should you prefer to receive an invoice for this product rather than pay by credit card online please place your order by emailing and we'll be happy to arrange that for you.