The preventative measures, practices and systems that you have in place in order to stay compliant with data protection legislation are the most critical components in preventing a data breach or, should a breach occur, defending the cause and mitigating the outcomes of an ICO or associated investigation. 

Our range of compliance products can help your organisation to achieve and maintain compliance, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your business is equipped to handle it’s GDPR obligations.

We have a number of options to suit your particular needs.



Created by barristers, with an in-depth understanding of the legal implications of GDPR, the aim of the Briefed portfolio of training products is to ensure that each individual within your organisation genuinely understands how the new legislation impacts upon them and their role, and what actions they need to take in order to help your organisation meet the ongoing compliance obligations detailed within GDPR. We offer four grades of e-learning, dependant on your organisational requirements, in-house training and bespoke training portals as well as live training events. 



COMING SOON - Data Protection Compliance Bundle

GDPR will apply to all organisations, regardless of size or nature and, as a result all organisations must ensure they are GDPR ready. For those organisations with a limited budget; start-ups, small businesses, charities, we have created an online bundle containing the key tools needed to implement and improve data protection throughout your business. 


Online Case and Business Management System

For solo professionals or entrepreneurs who work with highly sensitive information, we offer a robust case-management infrastructure to manage documents, communications and finances, ensuring the efficient and best-practice running of your business.