Briefed offers a dedicated GDPR Consultancy Service, tailored to your business needs.

Our legal and compliance expertise and in-depth knowledge of GDPR obligations gives us a unique understanding of what GDPR means for your business.

Our skilled consultants will perform a full risk assessment in order to identify your current GDPR positioning; analyse your processes, policies, practices, employee knowledge and activity. In strict confidence, we can advise you on the critical issues your business is facing and present risk reducing solutions.

Our team actively seek to provide solutions to your data compliance obligations that will not hinder the profitability or efficiency of your organisation. We work with your current processes and technology and, on the rare occasion that further investment is required, provide unbiased recommendations.



We have a number of options to suit your needs:



Gap Analysis

In order to know how to improve, you need to know your current GDPR positioning. Our detailed gap analysis will identify any areas of exposure within your business, providing you with the framework you need to bring your business into line with GDPR best practice.



Action Plan

Subsequent to the gap analysis, our expert consultants can devise an in-depth action plan, recommending solutions and developing strategies to ensure your GDPR compliance. Should support be required, we can assist your organisation’s implementation of the action plan, through the creation of policy documents, the strengthening of systems, resources and IT infrastructure and employee training.


On Call Expertise

In a world of constant technological and social development, data protection will continue to evolve and mature. For businesses which require assistance to interpret and integrate new developments, we offer out-sourced data protection expertise on demand.


Crisis management and representation

A data breach can be catastrophic for any business. In the event of a breach occurring, the ability to respond effectively, efficiently and in line with legislation is paramount. At Briefed, our experts are on hand to support and guide your organisation through the process, providing expert representation during an ICO or associated investigation and minimising the impact on you and your business.