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Our expert team of legal consultants have designed a range of services to assist any business or organisation in meeting their GDPR requirements.

Whether you are yet to make a start with your GDPR journey, need advice in the event of a data breach, or would like a Certification to show your clients that you’re on top of things, we can provide you with a tailored solution.  

GDPR training

GDPR Certification & Training for Employees

GDPR Certification & Audit for Business


Data breach support

Data Breach Support

A data breach can be catastrophic for any business. Heavy fines, litigation, damage to your reputation and unhappy clients mean that successfully managing a data breach is vital. When you need immediate expert advice, we are available to guide you through this stressful time.

With 72 hours to report a breach under GDPR, our hotline access to expertise is the reassurance that you need.

We can be there for you throughout, assisting with your risk analysis and managing the reporting of the breach. Expert support and reassurance when you need it most.

In-house training and events

In-house Training & Events

Our team of expert legal consultants hold training events on a regular basis throughout the UK. These cover a wide range of compliance topics and are designed to give you and your colleagues a practical approach to complying with GDPR.

We can also offer a bespoke in-house session within your organisation, which will highlight to all staff exactly why they need to comply with GDPR and the risks they bring on themselves and to the business as a whole if they do not meet minimum standards.

Please visit our Events page to see what we have coming up, or Request a Call if you would like details on a bespoke event.*


Past certifications

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