Why, why, why? The reasons for GDPR.

“I am often asked why we need the new GDPR and why we can’t continue to operate under the Data Protection Act 1998?

The Data Protection Act is based upon data protection legislation, first laid down in 1995. At this point I would ask you to think back to your life in 1995... What technology did you regularly use? The internet was not widely available. Hardly anyone had a mobile phone. Phone numbers were written down in address books. Photos were developed. Holidays were booked on Teletext or Ceefax. The amount of data you shared was limited.

Now think about your life as you live it today. How many apps do you have on your phone? How often do you open these apps and what activities do you use them for? Do you buy goods or services? Do you pay bills or check your bank balance? 

The way we use and share information has altered exponentially in ways we could never have envisaged in 1995.

Quite simply the DPA 1998 is no longer fit for purpose and the GDPR is updated data protection legislation, designed to ensure the safety of personal data in our modern, technological world. 

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