GDPR Ob-BLOG-ations

Hi, I am Orlagh Kelly, data protection barrister and founder of Briefed, GDPR Compliance Specialists.

I have spent the past 5 years training organisations and individuals across the UK and Ireland on their data protection obligations. Over the past year, I have encountered a lot of uncertainty and apprehension in regards to the incoming GDPR; organisations remain unsure of what GDPR means for them and what they have to do in order to be compliant. In this blog and through my role as the SYNCNI GDPR Guru,  I will take you through the most commonly asked questions relating to GDPR, and discuss key points of the new legislation, helping you to gain an understanding of what GDPR means for you and your organisation.

If you have any questions you would like me to answer or any topics you would be interested in hearing more about, please just let me know through the form at the bottom of the page.