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5 Things Barristers Can Learn From The £183 Million British Airways GDPR Fine

I’m going to take a punt that no UK barrister needs to worry about a fine of £183.39 million. I’m fairly certain no-one has the turnover British Airways has. However, in the wake of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)  announcing that they intend to fine British Airways £183.39 million for a data breach, what can a barrister glean from this case that is relevant?

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GDPR- It just got personal!

On the 8th August 2018 the ICO published their findings following an investigation into Lifecycle Marketing (Mother and Baby) Ltd. They were given a £140,000 fine for the illegal collection and selling of personal data of more than 1 million people. Sounds very murky and sinister…wonder how they got all that data?

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Adios Amigos...

GDPR now compels organisations to self-report both to the ICO and to those individuals whose personal data has been compromised on your watch. It’s a risk assessment, a judgement call on whether your breach event is ‘likely to result in a high risk to the rights and freedoms of natural persons’ in which case, time to ‘fess up.

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Do Chambers require a Data Protection Officer?

Despite what some may think, the concept of a ‘Data Protection Officer’ is not new. In the UK, many organisations chose to appoint Data Protection Officers as best practice. The relevant change under the GDPR is that such appointments will now be mandatory for organisations who meet the stated criteria. In recent training sessions and client meetings, the question has been posed whether barrister’s chambers should do so.

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Data Controller or Processor – that is the question!

This month, I had the pleasure of delivering GDPR and Data Protection training for the Bar Council in London. Both sessions were fully subscribed and sold out quickly, perhaps indicating the level of interest or concern within the profession. Having conducted my fair share of cross-examinations, it was an interesting experience to be on the receiving end of questions! Despite the roles of data controller and data processor existing prior to GDPR, significant confusion remains about the roles in the context of barristers and chambers.

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