Did you know that Clerks and Chambers Professionals can now face a personal fine of up to £500,000?

As the direct result of a barely publicised and unprecedented change to legislation in December 2018, the Information Commissioner's Office (or 'ICO') can now issue personal fines of up to £500,000 to managers and employees of chambers who get marketing rules wrong.

Are you tasked with email marketing or inviting potential clients to events? Are you in charge of directory submissions for your members? Do you know what the rules are and how to play by them? Did you know you could be subject to a personal fine if you break the rules?

There is no doubt that with the introduction of GDPR marketing has become an increasingly problematic area and, resultantly, professional marketers are worried about the potential consequences of undertaking a non-compliant campaign, not just for their chambers, but for their own bank account as well.

The good news is that if you know how to play by the rules then marketing under GDPR is an easy process.  As with anything, a solid understanding of the legislation, and how it applies to you is essential to making sure you’re doing your job right and keeping within the law. Ignorance is no defence.

To assist Chambers professionals with this complex area of law we have partnered with the Bar Council of England and Wales to provide specialised training. Please click here for more details.