GDPR certification for law firms

Due to the nature of work that solicitors undertake and the vast amount of personal information that they handle on a daily basis, GDPR compliance is a necessity.

The Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has stated that if a business achieves a GDPR Certification it will help demonstrate compliance with GDPR to the regulator and mitigate against possible ICO enforcement action, such as fines.

This Certification will provide you with the opportunity to engage in a process to achieve a law firm specific GDPR Certification to ensure that you can quickly and easily reach GDPR compliance.




  • Protect your professional reputation and that of your solicitor’s practice

  • Protect yourself from ICO fines

  • Meet your GDPR legislative requirements quickly and effectively



  • Ensure continued work from banks, insurance companies and other specialist clients who require evidence of elevated levels of security standards and GDPR compliance

  • Ensure continued work from government bodies who now require evidence of GDPR compliance

  • Develop your practice and become a preferred supplier in tenders or panel appointments

  • Differentiate yourself from your competition


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  • Rely on publicly funded work

  • Work with specialised and highly-regulated industries

  • Want to remain or become competitive within their specialist area

  • Wish to ensure robust GDPR compliance to avoid fines

  • Wish to protect professional reputation and practice

  • Want a fast, effective way to meet legislative-required standards on GDPR


GDPR Trained Professional


  • A better understanding of the GDPR risks you face day-to-day and what GDPR means for you

  • Practical help on how to implement robust, industry-specific GDPR policies & procedures

  • ‘Appropriate’ GDPR Training & Certificate of Completion (For ICO audit purposes)

  • An annual GDPR Certification



+ How much does it cost?

Our online course is £125+VAT. If you would like to purchase annual training for 3 years, or for several solicitors/staff, please contact us to see what discounts apply.

+ What’s included?

You will be set up with an account on our online platform, ‘The Briefed Academy’ given access to this course. It will include the full training module (with over 25 lectures) and a GDPR exam with 50 multiple choice question. All those who achieve the pass mark of 50% will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to our GDPR Trained Professional Certification.

+ What topics does the training module cover?

The content includes the following –

  • The logic behind data protection legislation
  • Introduction to and history of GDPR
  • Key definitions under GDPR
  • Definitions of the 6 GDPR principles and their practical use
  • The rights of data subjects
  • Subject access requests
  • The ICO and its powers
  • Data breaches and how to handle them
  • Risks of a data breach
  • Sample crisis situations.

+ Does this Certification meet the ICO training requirements?

Yes, it contains appropriate, law firm specific training content. It contains a test with a minimum pass mark and a Certificate of Completion for all who achieve the pass mark.

+ How long is my Certification valid for?

Your certificate and/or Certification are valid for 12 months from the date they are awarded.

+ Does it need to be renewed?

Yes, we would recommend that you renew your Certification each year so that you comply with the ICO’s training requirements. In various published reports, the ICO have recommended that GDPR training should be completed annually.

+ How do I renew?

We will update the GDPR Certification for Law Firms content annually and the latest product will be available from our shop. Alternatively, if you would like to purchase this for more than 1 employee, please get in touch with us by email:, or by telephone: 028 9044 6780.

+ Is this course timed / Does it have to be done in one sitting?

No. This course is entirely available to you for 12 months and can be completed in as many sittings as you like during this time.