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GDPR is coming.  All businesses will need to be compliant by 25th May 2018.

The fines for non-compliance will be high.  Briefed is now offering a Partner Programme to allow you to ensure your clients gain the
necessary training and awareness

As well as offering a first class set of online training solutions for GDPR, Briefed now provides a Partner Program.  This allows you to refer your clients to Briefed and earn commission on their purchases.


Benefits for your clients:

Understand GDPR risks

Understand GDPR risks


Provide your client with
vital training

Allow your client to gain a certificate in data protection

Allow your client to gain
a certificate in data protection

Understand what GDPR is

How does GDPR apply to your client’s business

What does your client need
to do

Provide the means for your client to train their staff

Easy access to refresher training

Benefits for you:

Phyllis Torres

Generate a new income stream

Shirley Williams

Pass savings directly
to clients


Diana Jones

Choose to support
client charities

Easy upsell service to your clients

Add more value to your clients

20% commission on sale 

Easy online referral system

 Embed the training links on your own website

 Access ready made images and banners to promote the training

Let's go!

Our customers love us. And we love them.

Thousands of lawyers use Briefed (Capital B) on a daily basis.  Become a Partner with the most innovative and forward thinking legal program in the world.