Shellee Bowman, Barrister

I save 8 hours a week using Briefed



Challenges I had before I used the Briefed system

I felt disorganised and often fell behind on paperwork

I spent ages drafting fee notes at the end of long running cases, and often billed less that I should have because I had forgotten to take a note of my times and what work I had undertaken

I had to carry laptop with me whenever I wanted to do work, which also raised security issues. 

My email inbox got clogged up with attachments that I needed to keep for cases


Getting started on Briefed


I saw Briefed at a workshop held in the Bar Library and really liked the way it looked so easy to use.

It took a few days to adjust to the layout of the system and to discover all that Briefed actually does - which is a lot! But after a few days using it was like second nature.

Any queries I had the support staff instantly and effectively answered - I have always felt confident there was someone on hand to help me when I need it.


Benefits of running my practice on Briefed


All my cases are now organised with papers in categories, which results in finding them quickly when needed. I am no longer behind on paperwork as I can use Briefed wherever I am, from any device.

There is a great piece of functionality called 'Court follow up' which prompts me to do everything I need to after each court appearance - it means I don't forget anything.

By entering the work I do contemporaneously, not only do I bill more accurately for my time, but I no longer have to spend  hours drafting fee notes, I now just quickly check through my fee note at the end of a case and press print. This takes a fraction  of the time it used to.

I no longer have to carry my laptop about as I can access Briefed anywhere anytime and have the benefit of either catching up on work or checking something when I think of it. 

My email inbox is no longer clogged up with case papers as I now forward all important papers to my Briefed account and put them into the relevant category of that case file and then delete them from email. This is excellent for data protection as well as efficiency.

Overall, Briefed has improved my practice immensely. I am more organised, I have more free time, I'm up to date with paperwork and my cases are all in one place on the cloud. My cases are organised into categories which makes it easier to find something in particular. I do not have to worry about memory space or carrying my laptop with me. Briefed also covers any fears I had with regards to complying with data protection. I would say I save about 8 hours per week now I use Briefed.