manage Your Briefs

Like it or not, being a barrister means dealing with a significant amount of paperwork. Briefed was designed to help save time doing paperwork, so you can spend more time representing clients.


Store all your papers in one place.

Save time looking for papers, store all papers in one place, securely so you can access them from anywhere in the world 24/7.

Draft and Print Documents

As well as store case papers, you can do your own drafting within Briefed - opinions, affidavits, statements of evidence etc using our Microsoft Word and Apple Pages integrations. All your papers are stored in the one place, allowing you easy access at anytime.

keep yourself right with a  Comprehensive paper trail

 Briefed gives you the power to email directly from within any case you're working on, and stores it automatically for you, as well as storing all other correspondence. You now have a comprehensive paper trail of documents should you ever need it.

Capture Instructions easily

No longer do you need to store emails in your inbox like a de facto filing cabinet. With Briefed you have the power to forward those emails directly into your Briefed account and match them with a case - another little short cut to save you time and keep you organised.

Save time drafting

Create your own customised library of templates and  precedents to save time on repetitive legal drafting.