Catherine Daly

 Assistant to Michael Wolkind QC at 2 bedford Row

We are now fully immersed in Briefed and it continues to impress.

Michael has a busy criminal defence practice with around 70 or 80% of his cases being public access cases.

I have been Michael's personal assistant since the end of May 2015 and my role is to manage the administrative side of his practice, from taking initial enquiries to seeing cases right through to the final result.

By the very nature of public access cases I am therefore responsible for all contracts, fees, client care, liaising with the Crown Prosecution Services, police, experts, opposing solicitors & counsel etc. 

For a time, we were having to run the practice using multiple spreadsheets and different systems, none of which did everything that was needed. As a result, it was becoming difficult to manage the cases efficiently, and I worried that something would fall through the cracks. There was no doubt we needed a proper solution, so we spent some time considering the best case management system for our purposes. Some solutions we looked at were very obviously not suitable for a barrister’s practice but thankfully the chamber’s practice manager told us about Briefed. I was extremely interested in the fact that it had been designed by a barrister for barristers. This is exactly what we needed!

We contacted Orlagh who kindly offered us an interactive session to show us how Briefed worked. I immediately liked the layout and could see how our current system could be transformed. It was also MUCH better value for money than the other systems I had looked at.

The team at Briefed has been amazing and even transferred all of our ongoing cases over to Briefed for us, something I was concerned about finding the time to do. 

We are now fully immersed in Briefed and it continues to impress. It is very easy to use, and does everything in one place, so we can all work much more effectively. The support has been incredible, with me often being able to access Orlagh directly with any queries, something I hadn’t expected at all. On one occasion she put together a demonstration video especially for me to help me understand one of the more complex functions. There is also an instant chat messenger should I need help and all my queries have always been dealt with expeditiously. Orlagh is always happy to offer support by Skype or remote access which is great, and all at no extra charge.

I have to say Briefed has completely transformed how we work, I feel much more organised and able to focus on the cases now that I know the admin side of things is completely under control.

I couldn't recommend Briefed highly enough!