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Data protection for barristers

St Mary's Chambers

Scott Baldwin, Senior Clerk

We had decided that we needed to improve our data protection policies and procedures and wanted to provide some training to our barristers.

I looked around and there was little available online which was geared towards lawyers and next to nothing for barristers. The online training provided by Orlagh, herself a barrister, was advertised by The Bar Council, so it seemed likely to be the most appropriate.

As the Senior Clerk I undertook the training first to see if it was worthwhile. It put the fear of God into me.

I knew that all of my barristers needed to experience it as I had as it had completely changed my perspective of the seriousness of data protection issues.

As the the course is online each barrister can undertake it at their convenience, which greatly increased efficiency and saved Chambers staffing and holding an in-house event.

It is easy to follow and provides useful tools to plan how to manage each individual barrister's data protection compliance. 

I would not only recommend this course, if I had the power I would make it compulsory for every barrister to have to undertake this course. It is invaluable.