Briefed featured in Forbes Magazine

November 2015


KISS for Lawyers


Keep It (stupid) Simple For Legal Tech

Mary Juetten, Forbes.

There is no doubt that legal technology company founders are consistently pushing for change in the delivery of the law. Consumers and businesses want more for less, and companies are popping up using IBM Watson and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Founders are struggling with whether to implement two-factor authentication for logins. In all this technological whirlwind, it’s important to revisit the tried-and-true KISS principle on occasion.

Recently, I was able to chat over Skype with Irish barrister and Briefed Orlagh Kelly about her simple approach to creating a business platform for lawyers in the UK. It was fascinating to see the similarities and differences between the UK and North America.

I have written before on the issues of legal tech adoption by lawyers and having founders as both lawyers and programmers. Orlagh’s journey presents another approach: the lawyer as the subject matter expert driving the user experience and ensuring things stay simple. A recent panel that included experienced investors thought that having a lawyer as a founder might be a drawback. I disagree, because you have to be in the trenches to actually solve problems. Let’s see what our friend Orlagh has to say: