For Public Access barristers

Public Access work offers great advantages. However, it is not without it’s complications as it can often bring with it an onerous administrative burden.

Undercharging for work, managing clients who require constant communication, ongoing worry about missing deadlines and increased risk of complaints to the Bar Standards Board will be familiar to most in this area of practice.

Briefed is proving to be the solution for many public access barristers.

Reduce the Burden of Constant Communication with Clients

Without a solicitor as a go-between there is a need to communicate with the client more often. This is difficult when a barrister spends long hours in Court. Briefed helps relieve this burden on public access barristers in two ways;

  1. By providing simple automation tools which allow a barrister to set up template letters and emails which can be sent to the client quickly, and saved to the client's file with the click of a button.
  2. By giving a barrister 24/7 mobile access to all their cases and papers, so that you will always have all papers to hand to refer to if a client gets in touch.


Protect yourself from Complaints

Without a solicitor involved there are increased risks of a complaint to the Bar Standards Board and potential litigation from professional negligence. To defend themselves it is imperative public access barristers keep a paper trail of all communication with the client, as a solicitor would have previously done. This adds to the administrative burden but is essential for the barrister to protect themselves. Briefed is designed so that all emails, letters and other communications are saved automatically - meaning the barrister doesn't even have to think about it!

Never miss a deadline

Public access barristers are often under a higher pressure to remember Court deadlines themselves, often having to remind the client as well. Briefed helps you manage each case and schedule important deadlines in advance so you can turn your mind to working on the case.

Increase Profitability

Public access barristers report that that the extra time spent communicating with clients can often decrease the profitability of taking on the case. With Briefed, all time spent on a case can be easily recorded. That way a client has an itemised bill of work they cannot dispute, and no work goes unpaid. 

If you do public access work and would like to discuss what Briefed could do for you, please get in touch today to set up a call.