For Barristers in Chambers

Briefed is not a Chambers Management System (CMS). It is not a replacement for MLC or Lex. In fact it sits comfortably alongside existing chambers management products helping chambers be more profitable.

Briefed was built with the barrister in mind. Chambers Management Systems are designed to give chambers staff a system to help run an entire chambers. However a lot of barristers find themselves continuing to do their job without access to barrister-friendly tools which would help them on a day to day basis do things such as manage their time, their case deadlines, their paperwork or their own finances.  Consequently, although chambers takes care of generating work and collecting fees, a chambers barrister can still find themselves feeling disorganised, under pressure and often not as efficient as they would like to be. Which means chambers is less efficient too.

Briefed can help barristers be more efficient, and therefore help chambers be more profitable.

Briefed gives the barrister and his Clerk access to simple tools which helps them record information and communicate meaning they can both do their job more quickly and easily - allowing time for new briefs.

Be more profitable.

Using Briefed a barrister can record all time spent working on a case at the touch of a button while at home, or at Court, and his clerk can view this back at chambers, at any time. No more undercharging for work, now a barrister has the right toolkit to easily keep a record of all work done. And clerks no longer have to chase counsel.

Organise your Finances

Using the Briefed financial toolkit a barrister can have all the right information at hand to make end-of-year accounts a breeze. With Briefed you can record your expenses and save receipts, record payments you receive, and watch out for those cases you don't get paid for. All your financial information can be collated and sent to your accountant with the push of a button - saving money on accountancy fees.

One Stop Shop for all Paperwork

Between paper briefs and instructions, copies of judgements or research as well as PI and Practising Certificates there is no doubt running a barrister practice is paper heavy. With Briefed you can cut down on all this paper by storing case papers, instructions, legal research, certificates, expense receipts and all your other key documents securely in the cloud so you can access them from any location, 24/7. And if your clerk needs to access your cases for any reason, he can do that with no fuss in less than 10 seconds.

The whole of chambers does not need to sign up to Briefed - because Briefed is built using flexible modern technology you can use Briefed to elevate your practice while colleagues still do things the old fashioned way.

If you or your clerk would like to discuss how Briefed can help both of you - please get in touch today to set up a call.