Manage Your Finances

Use Briefed to make contemporaneous records of the work you carry out on cases - either on the move at court, in chambers or in your home office. Have all your financial information at your finger tips.

Save money on Accountancy fees

Record your business expenses on the go. Store copies of your expense receipts. Have a list of all your payments and expenses in easily exportable Excel spreadsheets. Ready at just the right time for your accountant, with no last minute panic.

Your financial Health at a Glance

Use Briefed to quickly check your overall aged debt, how much money a particular solicitor or client owes you, how much you have been paid this month or how your income has changed from year to year.


Increase Your Profitability

Use our time recording functionality to quickly record all billable work you do on a case. Never again forget to charge for a telephone consultation or an opinion. Get paid for all your hard work.

Customise billing rates to suit your unique practice.

Every barrister has a unique mix of rates they charge depending on their specialist areas. Customise Briefed so that your billable rates are ready at the touch of a button, saving you time when giving a client an estimate, or a fee note.

Save time on billing

Create as many fee notes as you need, at the touch of a button, and send directly to the client or solicitor in seconds. Billing no longer needs to be torture.

Do you have an international practice?

Charge for work in multiple currencies and VAT rates easily with no fuss.

Improve your cashflow

Use Briefed to send Interim Bills to Solicitors or Clients and keep a steady cashflow in your business.