Eamon Dornan Barrister & Attorney

Doing billing used to be painful, now I can do it easily on terms that suit me.


“Piecing together bills from disparate sources, such as handwritten scribbles, various electronic devices and an ever more fickle memory, used to be as cumbersome and just as much fun as completing tax returns. Briefed has taken the pain out of the whole process, so I can now efficiently manage casework and billings in real time.”
— E Dornan BL

Eamon Dornan is a barrister in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, as well as a practising Attorney in New York City, USA. He specialises in Immigration Law and Judicial Review, accepting instructions both from solicitors and from clients directly.


Eamonn previously had a hard time tracking all the work he did to send out his fees. He needed to sift through emails, paper notes and drafting records to try to build a picture of what happened in the previous month. When all else failed he had to rely on his own memory to piece together bills for each of his clients. This was a time consuming and dull process.

Mistakes were expensive and quite often billable hours were forgotten, directly effecting his profits.

Eamonn knew an automated system would be ideal solution but he had previously used a number of case management stools that were clunky and hard to use.

How Briefed Helped

Briefed helps Eamonn stay organised by allowing him to manage all his cases online. Briefed’s easy to use interface means that Eamonn gets more work done and spends less time on administration.

One of the biggest benefits to him is with billing and invoicing as he can now review his cases and manage billing events as they happen, from his computer, laptop, tablet or phone, anywhere in the world. The latter is incredible important for a Eamon as he manages an international practice.

Managing fees and other financial requirements is no longer a chore to be dreaded once a month and Eamonn’s work has become more profitable as he spends less time on admin and more on law.