Manage Your Cases

Using our case management tools you can manage each of your cases efficiently, having everything in one place and making sure you never miss a deadline.


To Do list

Use our integrated To Do list to keep on top of all case deadlines easily

Quick Search 

Find any client case or solicitor in seconds with our Quick Search

Record Case details instantly

Record all key case information for your records. A new case takes just 45 seconds to add and you access it on all your devices straightaway.

Solicitor & Client Portal

Don't have all the information yet? No problem - just send a link to your Instructing Solicitor or Client to complete the details for you. It will upload in seconds keeping your records super accurate.

One Stop Shop

Access all case papers, emails, drafting and files in one place, 24/7

Key Case Contacts

Who is your opposing counsel? Which Expert are you using in this case? Save key case contacts against each case for ease of communication.

Clear Overview Of Each Case

With our clearly set out overview panel you can see exactly what is happening in each of your cases at moment in time.

Automated workflow

Use our Court Follow Up feature to ensure all work arising out of a Court appearance is completed