feedback for our specialist data protection training module from barristers.

I loved that I could do the class at home in my own time - please can we have some more of them? It had three CPD points attached so was worth taking the time to do it. The format was so simple and well explained - well done. 
— Caroline McCloskey, Barrister
Barrister data protection
The class really drives home the potentially very serious consequences of failing to meet one’s data protection obligations.
— David Thompson, Advocate
Data protection for barristers
I liked that gave me a checklist of what to sort out for my practice
— Tanya Callman, Barrister
data protection training for barristers
This class contains lot of useful practical information about how to improve data security.
— Andrew Spencer, Barrister
data protection compliance bundle for barristers
It was very practical and very barrister-focussed. I have attended a similar class before, but it was put on by a solicitors’ firm and was primarily designed for solicitors, and I found it quite unsuited to my working situation; this class, however, I found very useful and it has given me ideas for several ways in which I can make my practice more secure.
— Laith Dilaimi, Barrister
compliance bundle data protection barristers
I liked that explanations given were clear in what is generally a complex field.
— Niamh Devlin, Barrister
data protection
Very informative and because you can dip in and out, I think you absorb more of the information on offer.
— Brian Lundy, Barrister
data protection
I liked the lack of jargon and clear explanations.
— Michael Spencer, Barrister
data protection barrister